Best Fish Oil Supplements for 2021

The fish oil market is large, no guarantees from the FDA that labels are accurate but here are the best fish oil supplements.

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Becoming a healthier person started with eating right by using meal prepping services like PlateJoy and Purple Carrot. But now that my eating is in order — what else can I improve? That’s when I discovered the benefits of fish oil.

Fish oil has long been a supplement that is geared as one of the best things that a person can take, no matter their age.

There are several health benefits to fish oil and all of these benefits are something that almost every woman out there is looking for.

As a woman who takes fish oil, I can see many health benefits, and it has made me a firm believer in fish oil.

The Omega-3 market is very large, no guarantees from the FDA that labeling is accurate. Here are the top 3 besh fish oil supplements for you that are safe, accurate, and healthy in 2021.

The 3 Best Fish Oil Supplements

The fish oil market is very large, no guarantees from the FDA that labeling is accurate. Rest assured here are the best fish oil supplements in the market.

1. Nutrigold Triple Strength Fish Oil Omega-3 Gold (Best Overall)

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Don’t be fooled by cheap, mixed sourced Fish Oils claiming high quality. Our Fish Oil is sourced from ONLY Wild Alaska Pollock with 1099mg (88%) Omega-3s per soft gel!
  • BENEFITS: Provides Essential Fatty Acids that may help support joint, skin and heart health.*
  • PURE & CLEAN: We use AlaskOmega omega-3 fish oil sourced from only Wild Alaska Pollock from the Bering Sea. AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates lead the market in oil freshness, with a maximum total oxidation (TOTOX) of 5!
  • SUSTAINABLY SOURCED: AlaskOmega omega-3 concentrates are certified Sustainable and Traceable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), the first omega-3 concentrate to achieve this distinction. Encapsulated in ‘Pescatarian Friendly’ fish gelatin capsule.
  • 90 DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied with our Omega-3 fish oil, simply return your product within 90 days for a refund.**

Customer reviews:

  • I’ve been looking for an Omega-3 that won’t eat the bottom of a styrofoam cup. The last (well known) brand I had actually did just that when emptied into the cup within about 15-20 minutes! I have NO complaints with any of the Sports Research supplements that I take so when their Omega-3 was available as a sample, I decided to get it and give it the styrofoam test – it PASSED!!! I’ve been on it for a couple of weeks now and haven’t had any stomach issues as I did with the last brand. Also, no fish burp! 😉
  • The product is OK. The size of it is a little large and hard to swallow–It feels as if it gets stuck quite often. I am glad that I can get a high dose in one capsule, so it is understandable that it’s so large.
  •  Finding a clean fish oil is exhausting and took me 3 hours of researching and reading. I did the fish oil test by cutting open a capsule, squeezing it in a styrofoam cup and waiting 15 minutes. If the oil burns holes in the cup, it means it is NOT the pure triglycerides form but rather a synthetic form. This brand past the test – zero holes! In contrast, my 2 friends’ Carlon’s and Life Extension’s fish oil burnt big holes in the cup!!! Nordic Naturals was the best, but it has become very expensive so I’m sticking with this brand.
  • I am a cardiac patient with stents so I have to be very careful about cholesterol and triglycerides. After having some blood work done, my results showed my triglycerides had climbed to 196. I consulted my cardiologist and he recommended taking a fish oil supplement, so after some extensive research, I chose this product. I took two capsules a day for an entire year and I can assure you that it works. My last blood test showed my HDL (good) cholesterol had a 25% increase, my LDL (bad) cholesterol had an 8.75% decrease, and my triglycerides had dropped from 196 to 86 – that’s a 56% decrease! I’m hoping that by taking this product, I will be able to reduce or eliminate the statin I am currently taking. I cannot recommend this enough.

2. Omega 3 Supreme Strength (No Fishy Aftertaste)

best fish oil supplements

  • NUTRIENT RICH ★ Our concentrated fish oil contains over 75% Omega-3s (1050 mg omega 3), superior compared to other brands with 70% and LOWER. Our Omega-3s contains ABOVE the daily minimum requirements of 1,000 mg (1g) of Omega-3s with HIGH 644 mg EPA + 336 mg DHA per serving.
  • SUPERIOR PROCESS ★ MSC Certified! Our multi-stage fish oil Refining Processes allows us to produce the HIGHEST standard of purity in our fish oils. This includes COLD EXTRACTION, MOLECULAR DISTILLATION and FILTRATION. By removing unpleasant fish odor, taste, PCBs, chlorinated organpollutans and heavy metal toxins, we are left with the most pure and fresh concentrated fish oil
  • BETTER BODILY BENEFITS ★ Our Omega-3 fish oil ensures sufficient DHA and EPA intake for healthy body performance. When your body contains adequate ratio of Omega-3, it is widely known to support a vast array of health benefits.*
  • SOFTGEL ENCAPSULATION ★ Easy to swallow, small and soft gelatin capsules with Enteric coating for maximum fatty-acid absorption and no fish burps. Enteric coated softgels has been shown to reduce uncomfortable and embarrassing “fish burps” that can occur after taking fish oil supplements, and secondly to increase the absorption of the Omega-3s by blocking the acid in the stomach from breaking them down too early in the digestion process.
  • FINAL PRODUCT QUALITY TESTED ★ 3rd Party Tested (Labdoor Inc, Eurofins) for purity and Omega-3 efficacy. Made and manufactured in world class GMP certified facilities in the USA.

best fish oil supplements

Customer reviews:

  • The Omega 3 Supreme Strength by Life and Food are more football shaped and about 3/4 the size of the normal Fish Oil supplement. So consequently they are easier to swallow. I have no burps with it. My husband has fewer fish burps than with the regular. I have read that Omega 3 is more concentrated than fish oil caps. In reading some of the other reviews, I noticed they said the pills were hard to swallow. They must really have problems with fish oil. One also said the pills were hard – the review must have been on a different pill.
  • My doctor advises me to take 2-4 g of fish oil daily. However, that amount of quality fish oil would break the bank. I ordered the Omega-3 supreme and received it a few days ago. The pills are relatively small compared to the kind I was using before, which I welcomed. I have no fish burps, which I did with the last brand, even though it was supposed to be burp free. I use two servings per day… but this bottle will still last me 45 days that rate and for a great price. I’m glad I switched to this product.
  • “The Omega-3 market is very large, no guarantees from the FDA that labeling is accurate…” This may dose at 2 pills, but for 90 days, the formulation and potency are very good. I can tell you, DHA is specific, and EPA undifferentiated. When you see wild differences between the two, beware of inflated EPA numbers. Their source, Alaskan Pollock is very good, and pure. “THIS product IS tested for as best as can be without the FDA by qualified 3rd parties and is not full of TOXINS”. A thought: Fish, Krill, e.t. AL, “breathe” water and are a sponge for toxins. If you cannot demonstrate that your source is clean, and tested, then why spend a dollar? Just a thought, anyone reading, wouldn’t you be much better off if the FTC, (Federal Trade Commission,) not the FDA was qualifying the labeling of health supplements? Because then labeling would adopt a consumer perspective and desire for accuracy in labeling, where the producers could incur liability for inaccurate claims; think of the “Jelly Fish” product people buy, if the FTC were the arbiter, you would have never known of the lies perpetuated by the seller.. Until then, this is one of a few Omega-3 products that attempt to address the toxin issue properly.As for the FDA: You are on your own, if no arsenic is present, then we do not care. Beware of web-sites attempting to charge a fee to find out the actual potency of any supplement. They are most likely in the employment of the manufacturers. This is not a conspiracy thread, not at all; simply a reminder of the obligations our Government has to supply information on dietary aids is non-existent. Praise any producer who submits their product to 3rd party tests like this one does.

3. Wiley’s Finest Peak (Best for Pescetarians)

  • ONE A DAY – Take just 1 softgel per day! Each concentrated Wiley’s Finest Peak EPA Fish Oil softgel capsule contains 750mg EPA and 250mg DHA for a total of 1000mg EPA + DHA. A 60 count bottle is a full 2 months’ supply!
  • FISH GELATIN SOFTGEL CAPSULE  – Tilapia gelatin softgel makes this product suitable for pescatarians and those with religious or dietary restrictions.
  • LESS FISHY BURPS – No fish oil is 100% burpless, but our unique patented distillation process keeps oil fresh to reduce or eliminate fishy burps, unpleasant aftertaste, fishy odor or lingering fishiness. For even more fish-odor fighting, refrigerate! We are proud of the extremely mild, bland taste of our exceptional quality fish oils. Our molecularly distilled fish oil is fresh and clean, and backed by a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.
  • 4X CONCENTRATED. CERTIFIED PURE AND SAFE FROM HEAVY METALS –Our Peak EPA fish oil supplements contain 80% EPA and DHA, 4x more Omega-3 per serving than 1000mg regular strength “grocery store” fish oil, and even higher concentration than triple strength formulas. Distilled and concentrated at our family owned and operated FDA inspected/GMP certified facility in the heart of the Midwest. Contents tested and certified by 3rd party NSF for purity from Mercury, PCBs, Lead, Cadmium, and Arsenic.
  • WILD CAUGHT AND SUSTAINABLY SOURCED – Wiley’s Finest all natural products are made in USA from start to finish with wild Alaskan Pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus) caught by American Fishermen. Certified by the Marine Stewardship council to be sustainably and responsibly caught, Alaska Pollock is considered the most well managed large-scale fishery in the world. All ingredients are the best quality, non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

best fish oil supplements 2019

Customer reviews:

  • After much research, WILEY’S is better than most. Why? First, high dosages of EPA and DHA in each gel tab. Others may show a higher number, but they are FOR 2 TABS instead of one Wiley gel-tab. Second, minimal burping when taken with food (as you should). This means you can take one a day and get plenty of 0mega3, or take one with meals each day, and double your pleasure. Others would have you taking up to 4 a day which to me is too much hassle, as well as expensive. I’ve been taking these twice a day for last 12 months, and no longer take ‘Lipitor’ which I found to have adverse effects on my liver. My cholesterol levels are much better, and BP is down as well. The only thing I find fishy about this is Amazon’s prices fluctuate… other than that STOP LOOKING…BUY THIS ONE
  • I have been using this product for approximately 18 months – 2 years instead of taking a statin for high cholesterol & triglycerides. It took a while for my blood check levels to stabilize but now all of my levels are lower than they were while taking the statin. I originally tried other brands of fish oil from Walmart & Walgreen’s with no luck at all. This fish oil has definitely made a difference for me. I take one capsule at each of my 3 daily meals. I am going to try going to just 2 per day and see what happens. I can always go back to 3 per day if my levels go up. Also, no fishy burps at all!!!
  • This was recommended by a very knowledgeable sprout employee in the vitamin aisle. Not knowing much about a fish oil, she educated me on this brand and explained how it is one of the best ones out there along with the benefits in this description. I take one table a day with my multivitamin and it has been helping my body a lot. I am always surrounded by germs…sickness and all kinds of diseases as I am a flight attendant. This is hands down the best fish oil supplement and I am afraid am not even open minded to try a different brand. I have bought from this buyer before and it is always great service and fast delivery. I love it as I barely have time to make it to a grocery store!!

Benefits of Fish Oil

1. Better skin

As a long time sufferer of dry skin that itched and was red, I find now that my skin simply looks healthier and has more oils in it, which has greatly diminished the dry and itchy skin. I can say without a doubt that fish oil worked better for me than the most expensive dry skin lotions on the market.

2. Helps with Depression

There are not many people who can say that they have never felt depressed, luckily fish oil can have a hand in helping to deal with this depression. Though I would not say I was severely depressed, I did have my moments. After being on a steady supplement of fish oil, I have found that my depression symptoms have gone.

3. Helps with Focus

There are several studies out there who state that those with ADHD benefit the most from fish oil. I do not have ADHD, but I do find that my focus is much better. I can get the things I need to get done without getting sidetracked.

4. Helps with Inflammation

After working out, I would have sore muscles and this would almost be enough for me to avoid the workout for a couple of days. However, fish oil helps with inflammation by helping to reduce this and prevent it. Now, I can workout and not feel it as much. Plus, with a few joint problems I have, the inflammation has greatly decreased, which has led to less pain.

5. Treatment of Ulcers

I have always had ulcer issues since I was a teenager, but with the fish oil, I found that the ulcers became less and can say that I have not had one for months now. Despite that I have been under stress and this often results in an ulcer for me.

These are the personal benefits that I have found, though there are sure to be more that I see later in life. Studies have been done on fish oil for years, and there are several other benefits that scientists and the medical world in general are pointing out to those who are considering using fish oil, that may be of interest to you. These benefits include:

  • Lessens postpartum depression and still allows a mother to nurse her baby
  • Helps with Alzheimer’s disease and lessens how this is affecting the person
  • Reduces the risk of heart disease and some forms of breast cancer
  • Helps in weight loss
  • For babies and children, it can help to improve their focus, help with brain development and ensure eye health
  • Helps to lower cholesterol
  • Helps to protect against having a stroke

The good news is that adding a fish oil supplement to your diet is easy. It does not taste, so you don’t have to worry about that fishy taste that many people are strongly against. In addition, there have not been any side effects that studies have reported on, meaning that it is safe to take with just about any other type of medication that you may take. Just as you take a multi-vitamin, fish oil should be right there in your medicine cabinet as a way to help your health and maybe even prolong your life.

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