Purple Carrot Review: Eat Healthy and Save Time?

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Purple Carrot Review: Is this custom plant-based meals company worth your money or not? I tried it out and here is my honest Purple Carrot review for you to figure it out.

Purple Carrot is a subscription-based meal service that provides consumers with healthy, delicious menus to cook at home… so they say. Is it worth it though?

I was looking for new recipes (good ones) in order to save time on cooking food. I discovered Purple Carrot through a friends recommendation and really enjoyed the service. That’s why I wanted to do a review of Purple Carrot’s meal plan offerings to help inform others decide if it is a good option or not for them.

Ready to dive in on this Purple Carrot review? Let’s look at some reasons why subscribing to Purple Carrot can (and probably will) make your life better.

purple carrot review
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What is Purple Carrot?

If you haven’t heard of Purple Carrot, they are a custom plant-based meals and grocery list service. I first started using them through a $30 coupon which you can claim here. Check out the quick video review of Purple Carrot below:

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How Purple Carrot works?

Purple Carrot’s website is innovative, consumer-friendly, and easy for new customers to navigate. You simply sign up by inputting your email address and choose your meal plan and preferences.

Once that’s finished, they give you a list of recipes to fit your needs.

If you’re satisfied, you can proceed to checkout, where you have 2 plan options: 3 recipes per week for $11.99 per serving or 2 recipes per week for $7.99 per serving. I actually was really impressed with my options.

purple carrot review

With the 2 Serving Plan, you can always customize the meals you receive. If you’re enrolled in the 6 Serving Plan, they pick the dinner meals, but you can customize your delivery by adding an Extra breakfast or lunch.

Depending on your shipping location, you’ll receive your weekly delivery on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Purple Carrot Features

Purple Carrot has recipes for those looking to lose weight, be more healthy, or just looking for recipes for plant-based diets. Choose from high protein, gluten-free, and quick and easy meals that will delight your tastebuds week over week.

Here is an example of how they cater to the plant-based diet:

purple carrot review

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Why would you use Purple Carrot?

So you know that even BadFoodie offers free recipes and so do so many other food blogs.

The difference?

Purple Carrot offers high-quality top of the line recipes that can save you time. By using them I saved time! Purple Carrot can help with the amount of time you would searching online for half-decent recipes. They can give you some of the best recipes I’ve ever seen and Purple Carrot guarantees you’ll love what they provide. Not many recipes online offer that guarantee (not even us).

Remember, if you aren’t satisfied, you don’t have to continue with the subscription. What do you have to lose?

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How It Works

Your weekly delivery includes:

  • Easy-to-read recipes.
  • Fresh, high-quality, and perfectly portioned ingredients.
  • Tips and tricks to up your game in the kitchen. Plus, they love sending occasional special offers from leading vegan brands.
purple carrot review

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  • Custom Vegan Plans. I received custom meal plans with personalized recipes to simplify your life & delight my taste buds. If you’re trying to eat a little healthier, or have been interested (but intimidated) by veganism, this is the meal kit service for you. It’s full of great vegetables, unique grains, and easy-to-follow recipes.
  • Flexibility. You can pause and reactivate your subscription at any time.
  • Ingredients are included.  Purple Carrot is a full meal delivery service and all ingredients ARE included. Other meal prep services like PlateJoy (read our Platejoy review here) don’t offer ingredients, so this is a plus.


  • Some cooking skills required. A lot of the recipes I made required multiple cooking appliances. Not all of the recipes are for total beginner cooks, but the cooking photos do help.

Purple Carrot Coupons

Purple Carrot is expanding its Instant Pot recipes and making sure 2019 is amazingly delicious! It’s an exciting addition to Purple Carrot’s vast library of recipes and they’re celebrating with a fantastic deal:

New Promo

Get $30 off any Purple Carrot plan with code: CARROT30


Click here to claim.

Purple Carrot Honest Reviews

One of my readers loved it and here’s her review:

Purple Carrot is truly as good as it gets when it comes to vegan cooking! I’ve tried BlueApron, HelloFresh, and EveryPlate, but Purple Carrot truly stands out from the pack!

The recipes are diverse and perfectly labeled for “quick and easy”, “Gluten-Free” and “High Protein”. The meals usually require a bit extra time for me since I’m a perfectionist at heart, but the timeline and instructions are easy to follow. The portions are hearty and I usually can split them into 2 full portions and a “snack” size too. 

I feel like I get a variety of different styles and types of cuisine and rarely see recipes repeated. I love that I get to keep the recipe cards because I use them to impress dinner guests when I cook for others. I continue to support Purple Carrot and encourage friends and family to try it! Plant eating has never been so filling, easy, and delicious! Thanks PC! -Fellow Plant Lover

purple carrot review


What’s not to love about Purple Carrot? You can get personalized meal plans and fast recipes designed to fit your lifestyle. Purple Carrot can help with the amount of time you would search online for half-decent recipes. They can give you some of the best plant-based recipes I’ve ever seen and Purple Carrot guarantees you’ll love what they provide. Not many recipes online offer that guarantee. Remember, if you aren’t satisfied, you don’t have to continue with the subscription. What do you have to lose?

So if you want to make a change in your life, whether it’s to save time, eat healthier, shop easier, or gain more control of your portions, give Purple Carrot a try. You might be surprised that eating healthy, all day every day, is very easy and rewarding. Purple Carrot guarantees you’ll be satisfied!

What’s sure to be in even more kitchens after the holidays? Instant Pots! This handy appliance has been a huge hit the past year and since Purple Carrot is all about making eating easier and yummy, it was a no-brainer to jump on the craze.

purple carrot review

Visit Purple Carrot

I was compensated for this post and this post contains affiliate links. I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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